Materials That Should Be Used In Indian kitchens.

An Indian kitchen has all the materials that can lead to prolonged stains and scratches on counters, tiles or even laminates. Therefore, when choosing materials, several factors must be considered such as sturdiness, ease of maintenance, stain and heat resistance.

Below mentioned are some materials that should be used in an Indian kitchen:

Granite :

Always go an Indian granite because that is the best choice due to its durability, heat and stain resistance. It is easy to maintain and is available in various colours and patterns.

Stainless steel:

Use sink, handles and baskets of stainless steel which can easily be cleaned with water and soap. It is also resistant to heat and stains.

Glossy Laminate:

Because of curries and spices, laminates are easily stained, so it is better to choose a gloss laminate that won’t stand and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Matt Floor tiles:

As Indian cooking mainly uses water, spills are unavoidable. People can easily slip and injure themselves when using glossy tiles, so matte tiles should be used in kitchens to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Storage spaces:

Cooking uses many containers, cutlery and utensils that need to be stored in cupboards to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Therefore, the kitchen should be designed so that it takes up neither too much storage space nor too little storage space.
Ultimately, the choice of material for your Indian kitchen will depend on your personal
preferences and budget. Consider the above factors and choose a material that is
practical, durable and suitable for your style.

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