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10 things to keep in mind while designing interior of a home.

Designing the interior of a home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but there are common mistakes made. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your home.

  • Planning: Always plan the space to avoid cost overruns and poor design consistency. Difficulties can arise if you do not have a plan.
  • Overcrowding: Avoid filling the space with too many pieces of furniture, it makes the space feels cluttered and overwhelming. Only keep the furniture that is needed.
  • Scale and proportions: keep in mind the space and choose furniture and decor that are perfectly proportioned. Too big or too small will look out of balance.
  • Lights: Use lighting suitable for the room. Different types of lighting can be installed in the same space to meet your needs for example Ambient, accent and task lighting can be combined in bedroom. Choose warm lighting for the bedroom, living rooms etc and cool lighting for the kitchen, storage, bathrooms etc.
  • Colour palette: choose colours that complement each other and harmonise with your furniture and decor. Colour clashes can make the room feels disjointed and unappealing.
  • Functionality: The space should be functional and aesthetic. Focusing too much on any one of these can make the space impractical or unsightly.
  • Circulation: The space to move around in the room is circulation and if it is not enough circulation the space feels cramped. Leave at least standard spacing between furniture to allow for easy movement and avoid injury.
  • Quality: use the appropriate materials for each space to avoid termites etc. For example, use BWR or BWP(boiling water resistance or boiling waterproof) grade ply for the kitchen because it is exposed to moisture and water for a long time.
  • User-based space: Home reflects the personality of the owner, therefore including the personal touches that make the space feel warm and non-generic.
  • Evergreen style: Avoid choosing overly trendy decor and furnishing, as it can quickly become outdated . Instead, use the classic styles.

By using these common tips, you can create a beautiful and functional interior design that
enhances the overall look of your home.

How Interior Designers Turn Spaces into Works of Art

Every person is connected to their imaginations from a very young age; as they get older and more evolved, these imaginations take turns and produce something new every time. Everyone desires to own a home, but some individuals have specific ideas about how it should feel to them and how to make their inhabitants feel comfortable. Every member of the family has their own preferences on how they want their rooms to feel and appear, and this is where the interior designer steps in.

Interior designers are experts in creating interior environments that are visually stunning, safe, and functional. They are capable of transforming a space or an entire house into a pleasant and functional area that satisfies the necessities of the occupants.

The following are some factors for maybe engaging an interior designer:

Budget management
Access to resources
Increased home value
Essentially, for consumers who wish to create an aesthetic and efficient interior environment that suits their particular demands and preference, choosing an interior designer can be a wise investment. To “leave no stone unturned,” as the expression goes, designers assists you in fulfilling every objective of your vision.

Importance Of Styling In The Room

Styling a room is a key feature in interior design which impacts the overall look and feel of
a space. Styling enhances the overall visual appeal of the space. By diligently selecting
furniture, decor, and accessories that complement each other, a designer can create a
cohesive look that adds to the beauty of the room. It also impacts the mood and
atmosphere of the space. For example, the warm lighting and muted tones create a
calming and relaxing environment, while a room with bold colours and patterns can
energize and stimulate.
Form follows function, so if the furniture and decor are placed strategically it can create a
room that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for its intended use. Therefore it
enhances the functionality of the space.
Styling is a chance for homeowners to show their own style and taste. These styling
pieces make the room unique as it reflects the owner’s personality and preferences.
In conclusion, styling is highly important to reflect a sense of comfort, make your room
your own and make the overall look of a room visually appealing